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Official Sites of the Key College Admissions Organizations:

View schedules and register for the SATs and other standardized tests, narrow your college applications list, access application and essay-writing tips, and learn about paying for college.

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CPE partners with Success Prep Partners: Education and Career Counseling 


CPE also partners with College Planning USA, your financial aid coach and college funding specialist! 

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 Other Useful Links:

  • College Confidential. Provides College Admissions, School Search, and Financial Aid Resources to students and parents, from Ivy League to State Colleges.
  • (formerly CollegeProwler.) By students. For students. A great resource for raw, unfiltered commentary on student experience at a huge number of colleges!
  • Unigo. Current Students Tell You What The Colleges Won’t. Connect with Experts to Find, Get In, and Pay For College.
  • CollegeNet. Apply to colleges online or download applications and financial aid forms here, search for colleges, shop for books, etc.
  • College Prep-101. A site full of resources for the college-bound student.
  • NextStepU. Powerful tools for finding colleges, finding scholarships and a free college planning digital magazine.


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Test Practice at Home:

  • Awesome virtual flash-card, web-based tool for memorizing vocab and lots of other academic material (history, science, foreign language, etc.).  It’s like flashcards, but much more fun and interactive and, consequently, effective. Register for free and make your own cards from which to study and quiz yourself. Or use their free stacks, e.g., SAT flash cards, or those designed  by CollegePrepExpress for the SAT.