CommonApp Boot Camp (Summer)

Bill-R-CommonApp-Boot-CampGive us 5 days…We’ll give you back your fall!

2017 Registration Open!

See also CommonApp Getting it DONE! Workshop (a FALL version of the Smart Summer Session)

CollegePrepExpress distinguishes itself from every other company in the college admissions game by taking a HOLISTIC APPROACH in its work with every student, best packaging each one for maximal acceptances. Our keystone service is the CommonApp Boot Camp! In a single, M-F week, 3-hours a day, we work through every component of the CommonApp and other college applications, from the personal/demographic information to the important Activities List to the essential personal essay, to the most common Supplement Questions. Perhaps most importantly, we help students GET IT DONE before school starts (right, parents?), easing household tension and paving the way for more productive falls spent visiting schools, getting great grades, re-testing, pursuing sports and activities and community service, and ENJOYING SENIOR YEAR!

For all CommonApp Boot Camp dates as well as our entire schedule of Smart Summer Sessions, click here.


Get it DONE in 5 half-days!

CommonApp BootCamp TestimonialOffered two weeks in June, every week in August, and the first week in September in West Hartford and ONLINE. See Smart Summer Sessions schedule for dates and times and to REGISTER, or call (860) 519-1000. CommonApp Callout TestimonialsGREAT Pricing: $849 for the WHOLE WeekCompare to other
companies who charge thousands, even tens of thousands, for their Boot Camps. 

Parents, stop nagging your kids about getting their applications done. Get rid of the household tension by using a third-party approach: let US be the bad guy for YOU.

Studentsstop worrying about WHEN you’re ever gonna find the time to do your applications, we’ll organize your time for you.

Five 3-hr Sessions designed to help you start and/or finish your CommonApp.

Activities2013Day 1

    • Getting Started with Generic PiecesThe Concept of Application Packaging
        • My Colleges
        • Future Plans
        • Applicant
        • Demographics
        • Family
        • Education
        • Academics
    • Activities 1
    • Personal Statement 1

Days 2 & 3

    • Activities Wrap
    • Supplement Questions
    • Personal Statement 2

CommonApp2013WritingDay 4

    • Supplement Questions
    • Personal Statement 3

Day 5

    • Final Edits and Polishing
    • College Recommendation Form
    • Interview Prep

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