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Why the PSAT is More Important than Ever

As most of us know, applying to college back in the day—and by “the day” I mean right through the turn of the twenty-first century—was MUCH less complicated than it is today. We were instructed simply to be “smart, well-rounded kids.” Do your best in school, play a couple of […]

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Dr. Yo’s New (March ’16) SAT vs. New (Fall ’15) ACT At-a-Glance

Download it here: New SAT vs. New ACT – Dr Yo’s Overview of Major Differences See also: New SAT debuts Saturday: Here’s what you need to know

How to THINK about Math

possibleAs a teacher of both English and Math for over two decades, I’ve had a unique opportunity to witness how the same student OFTEN thinks completely differently about math and EVERYTHING ELSE. Every year I work with really bright, hard-working students who exercise impressive critical thinking and cognitive firepower in […]

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