Alisha Cipriano, M.A.

Alisha Cipriano, M.A.

Alisha Cipriano, M.A., has a rich background in education, both as a student and as a teacher, tutor, and college coach. Alisha is a proud alumna of Hall High School in West Hartford and The University of Michigan, where she received her undergraduate degree in History and Political Science. She then went on to earn her Masters degree in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Alisha joined CollegePrepExpress in the fall of 2011, after serving as an instructor and curriculum developer for fours years at Simsbury High School. While there, she taught World History to 9th graders, American History to 11th graders, and AP United States Government and Politics to 12th graders, a course she created for the district. In 2012-2013, Alisha joined the faculty at Loomis Chaffee, where she taught AP US History.

At CPE, Alisha offers the full range of college admissions services we provide: private tutoring in course work and standardized tests (SSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, and APs), small group tutoringtest prep classesAP US Mid-Year and Final Review classesapplication packaginginterview prepand general academic coaching. Her students have been raving about her since she came on board! She tutors both out of the main CollegePrepExpress office, and her own home office, both in West Hartford, and online. In addition, Alisha continues to see students by appointment at Loomis Chaffee and is also willing to meet with students in their homes, per private arrangement.


Classes offered:  


ALL YEAR – Private and semi-private tutoring.

Email to arrange appointments.


WINTER  – Smart (AP) U.S. Mid-Year Review – held in January

4 hours over 2 sessions

The US History Mid-Year Review Course is a two  day, 2-hr/session study group that gives students a comprehensive mid-year review through the lens of the AP Exam, though students need not be taking AP US to enroll. In other words, students can take this class both to ensure a great grade on their mid-year US History exam and/or to begin preparing for the May AP exam by reviewing material from the first half of the year—students have a chance to review content they have studied to this point and practice or brush up on their AP Exam skills, with the goal of achieving a 4 or 5 on the Exam in the Spring.

We focus on the skills needed for the AP Exam using only College Board multiple choice, free-response, and document-based questions to go though the material; a task that is often times difficult for classroom teachers to do as they try to get through the material.  At the end of the two sessions, students should feel prepared to take their mid-year exams, while, for those enrolled in an AP class, also continuing their prep for the AP Exam in May. This course is the first of two courses offered throughout the year in AP US History. The second in the series is offered in the spring before the AP Exam.

Details of dates and registration on Class Schedule & Registration page.


SPRING – AP U.S. Review Class – held in April/May, in preparation for the AP Exam in May

9 hours over 3 sessions.

The three sessions use past AP Exams to cover the material most commonly tested by the CollegeBoard. Students review themes and topics, review the exam format, and practice best test-taking strategies for multiple choice items, essays, and document-based questions (DBQs).  The final session includes a question-and-answer hour in which students bring their own questions to class and an hour of guided study using additional review material distributed in class.

Maximum 15 student enrolment per class.


  • 100% said they’d recommend the class to a friend!
  • 100% said they felt well-prepared to take the exam!
  • 23 of 26 students received a 4 or 5 in last two years!

From participants on exit survey:

  • “We did a good job of connecting themes throughout U.S. History.”
  • “It helped us become better able to outline the DBQ and analyze passages.”
  • “A lot of subjects were vague to me, but now I understand them more clearly.”
  • “I learned a lot more than I knew.”
  • “Taught me a lot about how to take the test and gave me helpful pointers.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this review class!”

Details of dates and registration on our Class Schedule & Registration page.


SUMMER – Smart Summer Session: AP U.S. Review/Preview

15 hours over 5 sessions

This class is intended for students who plan to take U.S. History in the fall, standard or AP, who might want to take or re-take the SAT Subject Test in U.S. History in the fall, and who want to get a head start on the class!

This is a great course for first time AP history takers because it will provide students with the nuts and bolts of AP history classes, introduce them to the test and introduce the major themes of the course, both chronologically and thematically.

We use the AP U.S. History Exam as our anchor for topics and skills covered throughout the week, which serve standard as well as AP history students. We tackle topics most frequently covered on the Exam, work with Document-Based Questions (DBQs) and discuss specific topics covered in recent years, including Pre-Columbian and colonial America, The American Revolutionary Era, Economics, Society and Politics of Antebellum America, Manifest Destiny, The Civil War Era, Reconstruction, Industrial America and Urban Society in the late 19th Century, Populism and Progressivism, Emergence of America as a World Power, World War I, America Between the Wars (the Great Depression and the New Deal), World War II, Post War America, Urban Sprawl, The United States During the Cold War and Vietnam, Social Movements of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and Post-Cold War America.

Some time is also devoted to tackling a U.S. History THESIS paper, how to use and cite sources, analysis and understanding of primary documents and political cartoons, and understanding AP Exam multiple choice questions.

Details of dates and registration on our Smart Summer Sessions page.