Root & Synonym Clusters 10: Short-lived, Temporary

Nothing lasts forever, and the College Board knows it. Many fancy SAT words have the flavor, if not exact meaning of “short-lived” or “temporary,” and here they are: Follow Dr. Yo on Pinterest   temporary – adjective – lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent: a temporary job. transient – adjective – lasting only for a short time; impermanent: a transient cold spell. noun – a person who […]



Rap to Learn

Rap to Learn with CollegePrepExpress Our Rap to Lean series is designed to help you learn common SAT words based on root and synonym clusters. Featuring the lyrics, grooves, and raps by Josh Wagner   On select Root & Synonym Clusters and on Rap to Learn with CPE on SoundCloud   YouTube Rap […]

Root & Synonym Clusters 8: ARROGANT

Don’t you hate it when you have to deal with people who think they’re better than you? People who make you feel like you’re not smart enough, classy enough, or just plain good enough to deserve their time and attention? Hey, EVERYONE is ignorant, just on a different set of […]



Root & Synonym Clusters 9: STUBBORN

Here are a bunch of words all clustered around STUBBORN. Try using them on your hard-nosed friends–not to make them angry, but to learn the words!   adamant – refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind: he is adamant thathe is not going to resign. dogged – having or showing tenacity and grim persistence: success […]

Root & Synonym Clusters 7: To look Down On, aka “D” words

In our Root & Synonym Clusters 5: Laud Roots and to Praise Synonyms, we encountered words we use when we look up to people. In this new installment we consider their antonyms, words we use to “look down on.” For some crazy reason, many of them begin with the letter […]



Root & Synonym Clusters 6: Lazy or Lacking Energy Synonyms

On these hot, humid, days, we all tend to feel a little lethargic, torpid, slothful.  And while being lazy never got anyone into top colleges, the CollegeBoard LOVES putting words that mean lazy or lacking energy on the SAT.  So here are a whole bunch of them to learn and […]

Root & Synonym Clusters 4: “Hard to Get Along With”

Do you know any, um, how shall we say, difficult people? Yeah, me, too. Here’s a great list of challenging SAT words that all mean, roughly, “hard to get along with.” The subtle differences in meaning, for the philologists out there, follow below. For most folks, especially SAT takers, just […]



Root & Synonym Clusters 3: “To Make Better” Synonyms

The first two posts in our new Word Clusters series focus on recognizing roots of words to enable you to kill many vocab birds with a single stone. Another highly effective memorization strategy is to group words by synonym rather than alphabetically (as many books unfortunately do). You know how […]

Root & Synonym Clusters 2: “not” + root + (adj.) suffix

Lots of fancy SAT words are constructed with the basic formula, “not” + root + (adj.) suffix. Train yourself to look for 1) prefixes meaning “not” (like, “un,” “im,” “in,” “a,” and “ir”), 2) roots that you can identify or that look like other words you know, and 3) word […]



Root & Synonym Clusters, “loc” and “loq”

One great way to learn lots of vocab quickly is to associate GROUPS of words together. Rather than simply memorizing long vocab lists organized alphabetically, or other ways that have little or nothing to do with the meanings of individual words, if you learn words in clusters, then knowing ANY […]