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Seniors, Don’t Make This Classic Time-Management Mistake!

Time is a fall-term senior’s most precious commodity. Nevertheless, year after year we see seniors making the same time management mistake as they play the college admissions game: they put application work ahead of schoolwork and test prep. Oops! It’s a mistake that has two negative consequences: first, it prevents […]

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Getting Your CommonApp (Almost) Done Over the Summer

Jeez, school just freakin’ ended and you’re hitting me with THIS? Take a chill, Mr. Intense—er, Dr. Intense—would you? Actually, I was going to offer YOU that very advice, especially if you have the type of parents who want your whole application done the day after your last final exam […]

Preparation for Standardized Test Game Day

October marks the first big month of standardized testing for college bound juniors and seniors.  SATs, SAT Subject Tests, PSATs, and ACTs are all given this month.  Hopefully, you have been taking practice tests, going over every item you got wrong or left blank, and studying the material you need […]

Standardized Test Planning, Grades 9-12

Don’t let the title of this week’s blog fool you: the most significant thing you can do in any grade for college admissions is to take the most rigorous classes available to you and earn the best grades you can in them.  Period. So as this year begins, keep your […]

Using the Summer to Gain a Competitive Edge

What are the best three things about the school year?  Duh.  June, July and August of course!  Camp, summer jobs, new friends and relationships, and, most importantly, NO SCHOOL! The long summer break is a double-edged sword, however: virtually no one uses the summer to advance his or her learning […]


Reducing Stress is Part of Our Mission

Did you catch the FRONT PAGE of last week’s Wall Street Journal? (click here for full article).  The press has made it clear that 2008 has been the most competitive year ever for college admissions, with 2009 promising to be even worse. Junior year has always been a notorious rite of […]