Root & Synonym Clusters 10: Short-lived, Temporary

Nothing lasts forever, and the College Board knows it. Many fancy SAT words have the flavor, if not exact meaning of “short-lived” or “temporary,” and here they are: Follow Dr. Yo on Pinterest   temporary – adjective – lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent: a temporary job. transient – adjective – lasting only for a short time; impermanent: a transient cold spell. noun – a person who […]



Rap to Learn

Rap to Learn with CollegePrepExpress Our Rap to Lean series is designed to help you learn common SAT words based on root and synonym clusters. Featuring the lyrics, grooves, and raps by Josh Wagner   On select Root & Synonym Clusters and on Rap to Learn with CPE on SoundCloud   YouTube Rap […]

College Admissions Secrets for Parents and Teens: Listen to Mom’s Advice

By Kate Cryan, mom If you’re looking for an entertaining, informative, and inexpensive evening for you and your college-bound teens, head to Hall High School at 7pm on Wednesday March 12th, where Dr. Michael J. Youmans (aka Dr. “Yo”) of CollegePrepExpress will present a 90-minute “soup to nuts” overview of […]



Root & Synonym Clusters 8: ARROGANT

Don’t you hate it when you have to deal with people who think they’re better than you? People who make you feel like you’re not smart enough, classy enough, or just plain good enough to deserve their time and attention? Hey, EVERYONE is ignorant, just on a different set of […]

Root & Synonym Clusters 9: STUBBORN

Here are a bunch of words all clustered around STUBBORN. Try using them on your hard-nosed friends–not to make them angry, but to learn the words!   adamant – refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind: he is adamant thathe is not going to resign. dogged – having or showing tenacity and grim persistence: success […]



Root & Synonym Clusters 7: To look Down On, aka “D” words

In our Root & Synonym Clusters 5: Laud Roots and to Praise Synonyms, we encountered words we use when we look up to people. In this new installment we consider their antonyms, words we use to “look down on.” For some crazy reason, many of them begin with the letter […]

College Admissions 101 for Mom & Dad

Online Education Radio at Blog Talk Radio with CollegePrepExpress on BlogTalkRadio Recorded LIVE, 6:30-7:00PM ET on 2/27/14 …or listen to this or any other PrepTalk with CPE show on… Do you you really want to help your kid but you’re just not sure how?Parents! Is your high schooler going to college? […]


ACT vs SAT balance

Why the ACT is just as important as the SAT

By Kate Cryan “There are several compelling reasons why students SHOULD TAKE BOTH tests.”  So said Dr. Yo in this 2008 post. You could say he was a good five years ahead of the curve: last year, the number of students taking the ACT was, for the first time, slightly […]

PARENTS: Get Your Kids’ Subject Test and AP Prep Books EARLY IN THE SCHOOL YEAR

The best prep for both Subject Tests (the one-hour, subject specific tests required by many top schools) and the more rigorous AP Exams (given in May, near the conclusion of each AP course) is a well-designed class and a good teacher. Sometimes students get lucky and need little extra prep […]



8 Reasons Why Admission, the movie, Is Essential Viewing in the College Admissions Game

8 Reason why you need to see this movie to help you get into college!