Mindfulness-Based Reading Comprehension

Ever start a reading comprehension passage on a standardized test and recognize halfway through the first column that you have absolutely no idea what the passage is about? Ever sit down to read a book or magazine and suddenly realize that while your eyes are running down the tracks of words and lines, your mind is on a completely different train? Yeah, um, you’re not alone.


Summer Reading

Now that summer is well under way and most of you have wound down from the rigors of the past academic year, it’s a great time to start executing a summer reading plan.  Whether or not your school requires summer reading, it’s a great, relatively painless, and highly productive way […]

Painless Ways to Get Ahead this Summer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how most students lose academic ground during the summer and, consequently, why summertime presents a great opportunity for ambitious students to get ahead.  But short of signing up for summer school classes, what specifically can you do to improve your grades and […]