The PSAT: Why It Matters and Why You Should Prep for It

The PSAT is an exam intended for college-bound students to take in the fall of their junior year. It’s just over half the length of the SAT (2 hr. 10 min., vs. 3 hr. 45 min.) and comprises the same three sections—Critical Reading (sentence completions and reading comprehension), Math, and […]


PSAT Image

The PSATs Are OVER!…Now What?!

So you took the PSATs this past week. For many of you, sophomores and juniors alike, that began your foray into the wonderful world of high-stakes (college entrance exam) testing. That’s the bad news. The good news is that sophomores have a really long break before the next one (PLAN […]

Mindfulness-Based Reading Comprehension

Ever start a reading comprehension passage on a standardized test and recognize halfway through the first column that you have absolutely no idea what the passage is about? Ever sit down to read a book or magazine and suddenly realize that while your eyes are running down the tracks of words and lines, your mind is on a completely different train? Yeah, um, you’re not alone.


Preparation for Standardized Test Game Day

October marks the first big month of standardized testing for college bound juniors and seniors.  SATs, SAT Subject Tests, PSATs, and ACTs are all given this month.  Hopefully, you have been taking practice tests, going over every item you got wrong or left blank, and studying the material you need […]

Standardized Test Planning, Grades 9-12

Don’t let the title of this week’s blog fool you: the most significant thing you can do in any grade for college admissions is to take the most rigorous classes available to you and earn the best grades you can in them.  Period. So as this year begins, keep your […]