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8 Reasons Why Admission, the movie, Is Essential Viewing in the College Admissions Game

8 Reason why you need to see this movie to help you get into college!


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Parent Tip #23: Take Notes During Info Sessions

(with thanks to Kim Brunstad, Yale Law) Parents I work with would love nothing more than to help their kids get into top colleges, but they often feel helpless to do anything useful beyond helping their teens organize their time (read: nag; see CPE’s blog post, 3 Dont’s and Do’s […]

In-Coming Senior To-Do’s

You’ve waited your whole academic career to be a senior, and now you’re finally here.  One way or another, it’s likely to your most memorable year yet, and if you’re wise and pro-active, you can make the memories predominately positive.  There are four general areas about which you can be […]