SAT Prep Class & Crash Course

6- and 9-Session SAT Prep Class (12 and 18 hours)


CollegePrepExpress‘ 6- and 9-session SAT classes are offered in preparation for each of the major annual test administrations (fall, winter, spring, and now summer). Classes meet in West Hartford and online and have no more than 15 students each. Each class lasts last two hours and affords students the kind of close personal attention given in private tutoring sessions, with the added pedagogical benefits that only small classes can provide. To help stay focused and motivated, students receive via email during the week typed notes on the material presented in each class (also available in the private download section of this site), containing math content, grammar rules, strategies, and examples. They also get access to recordings of each class, including all the problems and material worked out on the whiteboard. All classes are video taped and immediately uploaded to CPE’s Google+ page and YouTube channel for review or in case of absence

The_Official_SAT_Study_Guid_2018Materials:Students need to purchase The College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide (2018 ed), the best source of practice, available in most bookstores that carry standardized test prep books. At the first class students receive a folder with all the study materials, a pen, two #2 pencils, and a back-up calculator. Participants can get a head start by reading/studying the review sections in The Official SAT Guide, but they should not start taking the practice tests until the course starts. Students should bring the following to every class: their text books, notebooks, a calculator, a pen, and a #2 pencil.

Class Structure & Outline:

In the first class, we discuss what the SAT does and does not measure, the format of the exam, how best to prepare in the weeks leading up to the exam, and set and commit to our study goals in writing. Each week thereafter, we begin with a half-hour presentation of material, studying the featured topics of the week, followed by vocab, math, and writing skills building. For the remainder of each session, we go over the practice test due for homework.

The class now includes, at no extra cost, an optional full-length redesigned SAT exam with Writing. This is held at 38 Maplewood Avenue on a weekend shortly before the real exam. Great practice in a studious and professional atmosphere.

3-Session SAT Crash Course (6 hours)

Same as the 6-Session class, only students will take and study two complete SATs rather than five.

What our students and parents say:

“Thank you for getting my girls into the groove for the SAT’s. As always you did a great job with the material, but more important, you keep on showing all your students that learning can be fun and even having a tutor can be a blast.”
-Dr. Steve Y, parent

“We’re still in a celebratory mood at the Lewis household.  I can’t thank you enough for working with Caroline.  In addition to knowing how to tutor her to do the best she possibly could, you motivated her to study and made the classes fun…. Many thanks and I only wish you were here to witness Caroline’s reaction when she saw her scores.
-Janet Lewis, parent

“I just want to let you know that your class really helped me and I felt much more comfortable than I thought I’d feel.  The essay wound up being the same exact essay as some of the sample essays in the Practice Book about honesty.  Pretty funny, huh? Anyway, I recognized almost all the words, the I didn’t feel struggled with the math at all.  Right after the test, my head felt like it was spinning, but it was still a great feeling.  Your class was a great help and a lot of fun, and I’m definitely making sure my brother takes the class next year.”
-Shlomo G., student

More Testimonials

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