Precalculus Preview

Precalculus Preview – 15 hours


Course Outline by Day

  • Day 1: Algebra 2 Revisited; graphs; graphing calculator; functions; quadratics
  • Day 2: Synthetic division & polynomial functions; rational functions, discontinuities, and end behavior; conic sections (parabolas, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas
  • Day 3: Exponential & Logarithmic functions; radical functions; systems of equations
  • Day 4: Matrices & Determinants; triangle trig; trigonometric functions
  • Day 5: Polar & parametric equations; limits; sequences & series


Outside Resourses: Khan Academy!

How this Class Works

  • It’s a class with a workshop feel
  • Some instruction, some practice every class
  • Precalc Diagnostic Test
  • Text: Easy Precalculus Step-by-Step
  • Grades and HW. NOT!
  • But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some HW if you want 😉
  • Teamwork