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Improve your writing, from school papers and application essays to resumes and CVs, with consultation and advice from CollegePrepExpress expert, ivy-league editors. Learn how to develop your ideas and maintain your voice while improving grammar, clarity, and impact. Whether you need help with a single essay, multiple school applications, or general writing across the curriculum, we can build a plan that’s right for your needs and budget.

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Typical turnaround time is 48 hrs. Express consultations and orders for urgent deadlines can be arranged – 50% Express Charge for 24-hr turnaround


STEP 1: Email your work (via attachment) to CollePrepExpress for a FREE estimate of time, cost, and delivery date/time. Be sure to include at the top of your document the question to which you are responding (preferably cut-and-pasted from the application or assignment) as well as any special instructions or concerns about your work.

STEP 2: Pay for your order via check or credit card.

STEP 3: Receive via email a detailed critique and ready-to-ship revision of your work.PayNowButton

STEP 4: Refer your friends & colleagues and receive $20 for every referral :-).

Unlike other services that charge per entire application, CollegePrepExpress can work with students on a single essay, two essays, an entire application, multiple applications, or their general writing skills across the curriculum: YOU choose the precise level of help you want and pay by the hour, enabling you to SAVE SIGNIFICANTLY. The rate stays the same, $115/hr., where the total time depends on the size of the project and the student’s goals.

International students are particularly welcome at CollegePrepExpress. You do not need to feel disadvantaged by language or culture barriers to entry to college and graduate school. Are you concerned that all your hard work and aspirations to attend an English-speaking college or graduate school program won’t translate on your applications? We can help you organize your applications, make sure your essays conform to the rules and conventions of Standard Written English, and make the entire international application process easy!

Essay editing usually begins with a phone call or email exchange, where the goals and scope of the work are discussed. Students then send a check (payable to CollegePrepExpress, LLC, c/o Dr. Michael Youmans, 38 Maplewood Ave, West Hartford, CT 06119) or use a credit card or PayPal account to purchase time, and then email their draft(s) for editing, which range from simple proof-reading to substantial critiques and rewrites. A final edit is then emailed back to the student with extensive comments, analysis, and a revised version of the essay.

Email your work NOW for a free estimate!

(You are always welcome to send updated drafts later on)

With a Masters degree in English (see resume for details), Dr. Youmans has taught English composition for over a decade, served on the inaugural board of editors of the Journal for Teacher Education, and has won several writing awards, including the Hoopes prize at Harvard University (1986) for his Senior Thesis, “The Bebop Revolution.” He has also worked in college counseling for many years and coaches many students through all phases of the college admissions process.

The response to CollegePrepExpresss essay editing services has been overwhelmingly positive. To read what former clients have written about their level of satisfaction, see Results.