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7 Tips for Writing New Year’s Resolutions in the College Admissions Game

On behalf of everyone at CollegePrepExpress, I wish you a healthy, productive, successful, and HAPPY 2017! I’m a great believer that today is the first day of the rest of your life, that you can choose to wipe the slate clean and start fresh any day you choose. But there […]



Be Mindful of When You Choose Not to Be

Be Mindful, But Give Yourself n Break In his beautiful compendium of teachings, Peace Is Every Step, Vietnamese Mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh gives us the secret to finding happiness every instant of every day. “Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. […]

Dr. Yo’s New (March ’16) SAT vs. New (Fall ’15) ACT At-a-Glance

Download it here: New SAT vs. New ACT – Dr Yo’s Overview of Major Differences See also: New SAT debuts Saturday: Here’s what you need to know



The College Admissions Process 101

1. Get the best grades in the most advanced classes you can. The first thing college admissions officers look for in evaluating any application is your curriculum and grades. The most effective way to become an attractive candidate is to impress them with your coursework and GPA. If you need help […]

Summer Goals and the College Admissions Game

(Quick note to Moms, Dads, and other primary care givers: I know you’ve said very similar things to your kids. They won’t believe it coming from you, duh. So print this out and leave it on their pillows. The third-party approach sometimes works like a charm ;-)) The most important […]



Prepping for the Personal Essay: Who Are We and How Did We Get This Way?

There are many ways to understand who we are. We are, for example, in a literal sense, what we EAT and drink and breathe. When we digest things, we literally take the external world and make it part of ourselves (hence the miracle of the pig, who, as Jim Gaffigan […]

Catch the Back-to-School Wave

One of my favorite things to do is to bodysurf.  I remember when my dad taught me how on a Florida vacation back in the early, gulp, 1970s. (This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching my daughter at East Beach in RI–hey, never mind that her first effort […]


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How to THINK about Math

possibleAs a teacher of both English and Math for over two decades, I’ve had a unique opportunity to witness how the same student OFTEN thinks completely differently about math and EVERYTHING ELSE. Every year I work with really bright, hard-working students who exercise impressive critical thinking and cognitive firepower in […]

Seniors, Don’t Make This Classic Time-Management Mistake!

Time is a fall-term senior’s most precious commodity. Nevertheless, year after year we see seniors making the same time management mistake as they play the college admissions game: they put application work ahead of schoolwork and test prep. Oops! It’s a mistake that has two negative consequences: first, it prevents […]

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4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Tell the Truth and How It Can Get You Into College

Let’s face an unpalatable truth together, shall we? We ALL lie. Yup, when occasion suits our needs, even those of us who are honest almost all the time and pride ourselves on our integrity are still prone to exaggerate, understate, omit, prevaricate (go ahead, look it up), or explicitly speak […]