Junior Year

Why CPE’s 4-in-1 Super-Value Math Class Is Right for YOU Right Now

   For further details on the class, visit our 4-in-1 Super Value Math page Dr. Yo’s 4-in-1 Super-Value Math Class is one of those rare classes that makes excellent sense for the vast majority of high school students regardless of their achievement and regardless of the caliber schools they’re considering or hope […]



Dr. Yo’s New (March ’16) SAT vs. New (Fall ’15) ACT At-a-Glance

Download it here: New SAT vs. New ACT – Dr Yo’s Overview of Major Differences See also: New SAT debuts Saturday: Here’s what you need to know

The SAT and Snow Cancellations

With the current weather forecast for snow this weekend in Connecticut, many parents and students have been asking about the SAT scheduled for this weekend, January 23/24. Do they actually cancel for snow? What happens then? Can they really do that after all work you invested gearing up for and scheduling […]

Snow and SAT Cancellations


Dr. Yo’s Easier/Harder Guide to the NEW SAT for March 2016

You’ve been hearing quite a bit about the substantially redesigned SAT rolling out this March (March 2 in WeHa public schools, to be specific, and March 5 nationwide). And I strongly suspect we’ll be hearing quite a bit more in the weeks to come. The bottom line is, despite the […]

The College Admissions Process 101

1. Get the best grades in the most advanced classes you can. The first thing college admissions officers look for in evaluating any application is your curriculum and grades. The most effective way to become an attractive candidate is to impress them with your coursework and GPA. If you need help […]



Catch the Back-to-School Wave

One of my favorite things to do is to bodysurf.  I remember when my dad taught me how on a Florida vacation back in the early, gulp, 1970s. (This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching my daughter at East Beach in RI–hey, never mind that her first effort […]

Gearing Up for JUNIOR YEAR!

Listen To Education Internet Radio Stations with CollegePrepExpress on BlogTalkRadio Junior year is a notoriously dreaded year of high school. But forewarned is forearmed! Join Dr. Yo and his panel of TEEN EXPERTS, all successful rising seniors with fresh firsthand experience of the dreaded junior year, including Lauren Belizzi (Northwest […]



The PSAT: Why It Matters and Why You Should Prep for It

The PSAT is an exam intended for college-bound students to take in the fall of their junior year. It’s just over half the length of the SAT (2 hr. 10 min., vs. 3 hr. 45 min.) and comprises the same three sections—Critical Reading (sentence completions and reading comprehension), Math, and […]

Pep Talk for Standardized Test-Taking JUNIORS

“The truth can hurt you it’s just like the dark it’ll scare you witless but in time you see things clear and stark.” – Elvis Costello Everybody knows junior year is the hardest working year of high school. And, alas, the stark reality is the hardest part of it is the final […]

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Parent Tip #17: Buy Your Kids’ Subject Test and/or AP Test Prep Books EARLY IN THE SCHOOL YEAR

The best prep for either a Subject Test (the one-hour, subject specific tests required by many top schools) and the more rigorous AP Exams (given in May, near the conclusion of each AP course) is a well-designed class and a good teacher. Sometimes students get lucky and need little extra […]