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The College Admissions Process 101

1. Get the best grades in the most advanced classes you can. The first thing college admissions officers look for in evaluating any application is your curriculum and grades. The most effective way to become an attractive candidate is to impress them with your coursework and GPA. If you need help […]


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Parent Tip #23: Take Notes During Info Sessions

(with thanks to Kim Brunstad, Yale Law) Parents I work with would love nothing more than to help their kids get into top colleges, but they often feel helpless to do anything useful beyond helping their teens organize their time (read: nag; see CPE’s blog post, 3 Dont’s and Do’s […]

Keys to Success: Keeping an Open Mind

The following is the first in a series of CollegePrepExpress guest blogs, written by students and focusing on the keys to success in school and in preparation for life. Andreea Dinicu is a junior at Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury, CT. Several weeks ago, I attended a Forum on Women in […]