7 Tips for Writing New Year’s Resolutions in the College Admissions Game

On behalf of everyone at CollegePrepExpress, I wish you a healthy, productive, successful, and HAPPY 2017! I’m a great believer that today is the first day of the rest of your life, that you can choose to wipe the slate clean and start fresh any day you choose. But there […]



Why CPE’s 4-in-1 Super-Value Math Class Is Right for YOU Right Now

   For further details on the class, visit our 4-in-1 Super Value Math page Dr. Yo’s 4-in-1 Super-Value Math Class is one of those rare classes that makes excellent sense for the vast majority of high school students regardless of their achievement and regardless of the caliber schools they’re considering or hope […]

Dr. Yo’s New (March ’16) SAT vs. New (Fall ’15) ACT At-a-Glance

Download it here: New SAT vs. New ACT – Dr Yo’s Overview of Major Differences See also: New SAT debuts Saturday: Here’s what you need to know



Why CPE’s 4-on-1 Super-Value Math Class (for SAT, New PSAT, New ACT, & Level 1 Subject Test) Is a Great Idea

   For further details on the class, visit our 4-in-1 Super Value Math page Dr. Yo’s 4-in-1 Super-Value Math Class is one of those rare gems that makes excellent sense for the vast majority of high school students. The problem is, most students and parents either don’t know that it exists, […]

What is CollegePrepExpress?

CollegePrepExpress, LLC, helps students get into their top choice colleges by focusing on the top three admissions criteria: grades, scores, and apps. That is, we help students earn the best grades they can in the most challenging courses available to them, achieve the highest scores on standardized tests—like the SAT, ACT, Subject […]



The College Admissions Process 101

1. Get the best grades in the most advanced classes you can. The first thing college admissions officers look for in evaluating any application is your curriculum and grades. The most effective way to become an attractive candidate is to impress them with your coursework and GPA. If you need help […]

Summer Goals and the College Admissions Game

(Quick note to Moms, Dads, and other primary care givers: I know you’ve said very similar things to your kids. They won’t believe it coming from you, duh. So print this out and leave it on their pillows. The third-party approach sometimes works like a charm ;-)) The most important […]


mjy 11-13-14

To Parents & Teachers: When the Carrot Beats the Stick

This post is for the grown-ups, the parents and teachers, and fair warning, I’m going to get personal. The month between Halloween and Thanksgiving marks the peak of college application writing for CPE students—an exciting, nerve-wracking rite of passage for our university-bound teens, who are full of energy, excitement, apprehension, […]

Hot Tips for Writing Responses to the Most Common Supplement Essay Question on the CommonApp

Why Do you Want to Go to The University of xxxxx? Note this MOST COMMON SUPPLEMENT question asks more than what appears in writing. The question implies, what can you get out of an undergraduate experience at college xxx that you can’t get anywhere else? You should NOT lead with: […]



College Admissions Secrets for Parents and Teens: Listen to Mom’s Advice

By Kate Cryan, mom If you’re looking for an entertaining, informative, and inexpensive evening for you and your college-bound teens, head to Hall High School at 7pm on Wednesday March 12th, where Dr. Michael J. Youmans (aka Dr. “Yo”) of CollegePrepExpress will present a 90-minute “soup to nuts” overview of […]