Taking the ACT this weekend? 5 Tips for Cramming

If you’re taking the ACT next weekend and haven’t been able to prepare as thoroughly as you’d like—hey, we understand, midterms, midyears, new semester starting, sports commitments, yada yada yada—do not despair. Because there’s no vocabulary on the exam, you don’t need to spend nearly as much time studying as […]

ACT Cover Dr Yo


Dr. Yo’s New (March ’16) SAT vs. New (Fall ’15) ACT At-a-Glance

Download it here: New SAT vs. New ACT – Dr Yo’s Overview of Major Differences See also: New SAT debuts Saturday: Here’s what you need to know

The SAT and Snow Cancellations

With the current weather forecast for snow this weekend in Connecticut, many parents and students have been asking about the SAT scheduled for this weekend, January 23/24. Do they actually cancel for snow? What happens then? Can they really do that after all work you invested gearing up for and scheduling […]

Snow and SAT Cancellations


Dr. Yo’s Easier/Harder Guide to the NEW SAT for March 2016

You’ve been hearing quite a bit about the substantially redesigned SAT rolling out this March (March 2 in WeHa public schools, to be specific, and March 5 nationwide). And I strongly suspect we’ll be hearing quite a bit more in the weeks to come. The bottom line is, despite the […]

On Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results

In all due respect to Albert Einstein, doing the same thing and expecting a different result may be insanity in a scientific experiment, but it doesn’t apply to human activity. I know from years of experience as a teacher. For example, I may explain the Pythagorean Theorem or Hamlet’s To […]



Shedding Light on the Dark Ages of Junior Year

Back when I was in school, teachers sometimes liked to call the Middle Ages the Dark Ages.  Perhaps a misnomer, the term Dark Ages was meant to suggest that during the Middle Ages—the period in Western History between Antiquity (Greeks and Romans) and the Renaissance—nothing very interesting happened as far as historians […]

What Makes College So Cool

One young man is from the midwest and he does a complete shave using 8 short bursts of water. That’s how he’s always seen it done and that’s how he’s always done it. Using plastic disposable blades and a red-and-white striped can of shaving cream, he can’t imagine leaving the water running while actually […]

Sabrian Abroad

Guest Blog Post by Sabrina Dicke, Go Away–It’s Good for Everyone

Languages and cultures have interested me for as long as I can remember. I have studied English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and recently I’ve become determined to learn Swahili. Language fluency is important to me because our world is filled with such diverse people, and communicating with as many of […]

Guest Blog by Amanda Youmans, I Got the SAT Blues

Why do I believe my standardized test scores are not a valid indication of my college readiness?      (A) I read Sian Beilock’s Choke and I lie on the spectrum between nervous test takers and those who suffer from full-blown test anxiety.      (B) I don’t think there […]


Traveling Abroad Revisited – Good for Life, Good for College Admissions

All my CPE students seem to be talking and writing lately about foreign travel in one form or another. From school-sponsored exchange programs to trips with school bands performing on stage or with churches performing community services to family safaris and other individual summer adventures, something’s in the air. Thought it was a […]