AP Calculus AB Exam Review


AP Calculus AB Review Class for the Wednesday, MAY 7, 2014 Exam: 6 hours of intense, focused review for this year’s exam

Maximum 15 student enrollment per class – first come, first served

DATES & TIMES: Sunday-Tuesday, May 4-6, 2014, 6:00-8:00PM 

Required Materials: Provided

College board logoThe three sessions will use past AP Exams and other CollegeBoard material as well as CPE’s own handouts to cover the material most commonly tested by the CollegeBoard. Students will learn multiple-choice test-taking strategies as well as all the subject content covered on the exam.  The final session will include a question-and-answer hour in which students bring their own questions to class and an hour of guided study using additional review material to be distributed in class.

The class will include the following topics:

Functions, Graphs, and Limits

  • Analysis of graphs. 
  • Limits of functions (including one-sided limits)
  • Asymptotic and unbounded behavior
  • Continuity as a property of functions


  • Concept of the derivative
  • Derivative at a point
  • Slope of a curve at a point . Examples are emphasized, including points at which there are vertical tangents and points at which there are no tangents .
  • Tangent line to a curve at a point and local linear approximation .
  • Instantaneous rate of change as the limit of average rate of change .
  • Approximate rate of change from graphs and tables of values .
  • Derivative as a function
  • Corresponding characteristics of graphs of ƒ and ƒ∙ .
  • Relationship between the increasing and decreasing behavior of ƒ and the sign of ƒ∙ .
  • The Mean Value Theorem and its geometric interpretation .
  • Equations involving derivatives . Verbal descriptions are translated into equations involving derivatives and vice versa
  • Second derivatives
  • Applications of derivatives


  • Interpretations and properties of definite integrals
  • Definite integral as a limit of Riemann sums
  • Basic properties of definite integrals (examples include additivity and linearity) .
  • Applications of integrals. Appropriate integrals are used in a variety of applications to model physical, biological, or economic situations . 

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

  • Use of the Fundamental Theorem to evaluate definite integrals .
  • Use of the Fundamental Theorem to represent a particular antiderivative, and the analytical and graphical analysis of functions so defined .
  • Techniques of antidifferentiation
  • Applications of antidifferentiation

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