Academic Stress and Test Anxiety Reduction Workshop

Do you suffer from general academic stress or test anxiety? We can help :-).

ASTAR workshopStop wasting precious energy worrying about school, grades, exams, and papers! Learn the awesomely powerful techniques of Mindfulness and put them to use to reduce academic stress in general and test anxiety in particular. Watch your scholastic performance improve as you learn to manage your mind, thoughts, and emotions, so they don’t manage you! Do yourself a great favor and take this workshop in person or ONLINE right on your laptop, desktop, or even smartphone!

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In one, two-hour session, students enrolled in this workshop will learn and PRACTICE classic mindfulness strategies used very successfully for years to treat general stress and manage pain. Breathing, meditation, and mental focus techniques will be taught and practiced, giving students simple and highly effective mechanism to use before and during anxiety-provoking test-taking experiences. Students will learn to use the P-E-A-C-E acronym (and carry wallet-size  reminder cards in their pockets) to help focus energy and increase concentration whenever they feel the onset of academic (or any other) stress.

In person classes take place in West Hartford (limited to 15), and live online classes are fully interactive via screenshare and voice (Google Hangout), accessible from any browser or mobile device!

Classes are currently run by Dr. Michael J. Youmans. Because a premium is placed on PRACTICING THE SKILLS, students are encouraged to take more than one workshop, until the practice is fully integrated into their lives.

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ASTAR Workshop Flyer

Academic Stress and Test Anxiety Reduction Workshop (ASTAR)  – $99

See Class Schedule & Registration page for available dates. (Classes are typically held once or twice each month; days and times vary.)

Topics include:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What is Test-Anxiety?
  • Breathing & HeartMath
  • Awareness of body sensation & Compassionate concentration: Body Scan
  • Meditation for beginners
  • Practicing P-E-A-C-E
  • Seeing thoughts as just thoughts
  • Test-Anxiety Surfing


DrYoonChannel8TestAnxiety Dr. Yo an Channel 8 News, March 2011: “Testing anxiety and ways to relieve it