The SAT and Snow Cancellations

Winter Storm Va.With the current weather forecast for snow this weekend in Connecticut, many parents and students have been asking about the SAT scheduled for this weekend, January 23/24. Do they actually cancel for snow? What happens then? Can they really do that after all work you invested gearing up for and scheduling around a really important day?

Alas, the answers aren’t good new. Yes, they—the good folks at the College Board—can and do cancel for snow. And they will tell you, test center by test center, when and where your re-test will be (typically two weeks later). You have no vote and get no choice. 

The last time this happened to significant numbers of students in and around CT was, let’s see now, oh yeah, LAST JANUARY, 2015. It was a particularly horrifying occasion because the re-test date was exactly two weeks later, the date the ACT had been scheduled for months. Students had to choose.

But don’t get me started. I unleashed last year and don’t care to return that ugly place now.

The place to go for official intel on snow closings is the College Board’s SAT Test Center Closings. Instructions for every test center affected by weather is organized state by state.

You can’t help an act of God, but you can reduce stress around it by being forewarned with information and going to Plan B as necessary.

But let us all pray the storm blows out to sea.

Snow and SAT Cancellations

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