What Makes College So Cool

One young man is from the midwest and he does a complete shave using 8 short bursts of water. That’s how he’s always seen it done and that’s how he’s always done it. Using plastic disposable blades and a red-and-white striped can of shaving cream, he can’t imagine leaving the water running while actually razing his beard. That would be as stupid as shredding money and as immoral as dumping trash in the middle of the street.  He’s never seen anyone leave the water running–unthinkable!–but if, hypothetically, he did, it would likely make him nauseated and angry.

Another young man is from a Seattle suburb and he turns the water on when he unzips his toiletry bag and turns it off when he puts his Gillette Sensor Excel back inside. He came of shaving age when his father was in a midlife, workout-everyday crisis and became a gym rat himself, going seven days a week to the Ballard Health Club before school. Sink water is constantly running there and turning off the faucet when his razor isn’t directly below it seems a foolish waste of time and energy. No one has ever done it that way in his entire shaving experience.

These two young men meet in college, and THAT is what makes it so cool.

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