Guest Blog Post by Sabrina Dicke, Go Away–It’s Good for Everyone

Sabrian AbroadLanguages and cultures have interested me for as long as I can remember. I have studied English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and recently I’ve become determined to learn Swahili. Language fluency is important to me because our world is filled with such diverse people, and communicating with as many of them as possible is not only interesting but also represents opportunities to grow as an individual. Through my travel abroad experiences, I’ve realized the importance of learning from people from various backgrounds. My adventures in faraway places such as Costa Rica, Spain, France, Germany, and Israel, I have gained knowledge and experience about being a global citizen and have become increasingly interested in the study of cultures and languages in Europe and beyond. Living in and experiencing the cultures of such diverse places have opened my eyes to the myriad cultures and ways of life on planet earth, and taught me more about myself than staying put in West Hartford ever could have. Not only is traveling a necessary part of understanding the world around me, it is also ultimately socially beneficial in that it has made me more open-minded and accepting of differences among people.

As for the college admissions game, here’s one way to showcase interest in foreign languages and cultures: Check back soon for  Sabrina’s Foreign Languages and Cultures Page


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