What is CollegePrepExpress?


CollegePrepExpress, LLC, helps students get into their top choice colleges by focusing on the top three admissions criteria: grades, scores, and apps. That is, we help students earn the best grades they can in the most challenging courses available to them, achieve the highest scores on standardized tests—like the SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, TOEFL, and AP Exams—and prepare standout applications and admissions strategies to cast them in the best possible light before committee members.

Like many other college prep companies, we do quite a bit of standardized test prep. But we are DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT from almost every other business in the industry in that we take a HOLISTIC approach to each student. Of course we want all our students to get the best grades and highest scores of which they are capable and to support their candidacies with the best application materials they can muster, but we are different in that we understand every student is different. Every student has a unique set of strengths, accomplishments, and passions–some academic and some not–and we help to develop THOSE wherever they lie. Perhaps they lie in the classroom, perhaps on the athletic field, perhaps on stage, perhaps some place all your own. We don’t measure success simply by raised GPAs, higher test scores, or vastly improved applications—though, of course we love and thrive on those things. We measure success very simply: by acceptances to colleges of each student’s choice!

Ideally, we like to start working with students and families at the end of middle school, right through acceptance letters. Of course some folks discover us mid-process, even late-process, and we’re happy to help them, too. Wherever YOU happen to be—from a late middle schooler or parent to a fall-semester senior or parent—we are confident we can help you maximize results on your college application score card! And we have YEARS (decades, actually) of scintillating results to back it up!

About CollegePrepExpress

The primary purpose of CollegePrepExpress, LLC is to help students get into their top secondary schools, colleges, and graduate schools and to reduce stress surrounding the entire admissions process.

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