Vocab on the SAT through March 2016

Vocab-SpongeOne of the best-kept secrets for years about the current (soon-to-be old) SAT is that there is a FINITE word bank from which the 50-cent words appearing in Sentence Completion and Critical Reading sections are drawn. That means students reading five pages of the dictionary every night or cramming the box of 5000 cards mom or dad bought in a panic are wasting their time. One of the tricks to test prep is working smart, not necessary long.

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew all the most commonly appearing words on the SAT? Hey, guess what? We do 😉

And wouldn’t it be great if someone published a single webpage with links to lots of helpful vocab-building tools featuring all these most commonly appearing words? Hey, guess what? We did that, too! 😉

If you struggle with Sentence Completion items and/or the difficult vocabulary frequently seen in reading passages on the SAT, your struggles just got a whole lot easier.

Click here to get access to the very same word lists and other vocab-building tools we use with our paying clients….all for FREE. Yup, free!

Why would we do that? Cuz at CPE, we’re educators FIRST, entrepreneurs SECOND. We really do want all of you to get the highest scores possible, and get into the very best schools you can, and we KNOW these tools will help.

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