Gearing Up for JUNIOR YEAR!


Junior year is a notoriously dreaded year of high school. But forewarned is forearmed! Join Dr. Yo and his panel of TEEN EXPERTS, all successful rising seniors with fresh firsthand experience of the dreaded junior year, including Lauren Belizzi (Northwest Catholic ’14), Justin Kilian (Hall ’14), Jake Leshem (KO ’14), and Simon Bellemare (Choate ’14). We’ll be having a conversation about what rising juniors should be thinking about as they gear up for their penultimate year in HS.


Topics include:

  • Classes & grades
  • Extracurrics & Community Service
  • Sports
  • Standardized testing – Blech
  • SATs, ACTs, and Subject Tests: Which and When?
  • Leadership
  • Visiting colleges
  • What to expect as the year unfolds




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