All About the ACT

All about ACT

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With the ACT on December 8, this show is RIGHT ON TIME! Join Dr. Yo’s TEEN EXPERTS—including Teddy Monyak (Conard ’13), Sarah Gianni (KO ’14), and Katherine Gianni (KO ’14)— as they offer advice, tips, and flat out tricks to beat this college entrance exam. Topics include:

  • What IS the ACT?
  • Does is count as much as the SAT?
  • How is it similar to and different from the SAT?
  • What material should do I have to know?
  • What are the best strategies for each of the five tests (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Math)?
  • What’s up with Science Test?
  • Should I take it with our without Writing?


And, of course, we’ll be taking LIVE CALLS with YOUR questions and comments! If you’re taking the ACTs in December or next February, tune in or miss out!


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