Root & Synonym Clusters 5: “Laud” Roots and To Praise Synonyms

This word cluster features lots of SAT words that mean “to praise,” many of which use the root “laud,” and some of which do not. The very common word “applause,” for example, means to express praise in the form of clapping.  Here are a whole slew of words you can associate with PRAISE:


  • applaud – to show praise by clapping
  • laud – to praise highly, especially publically
  • laudable – praiseworthy
  • laudatory – expressing praise
  • plaudits – praise, applause
  • extol – to praise
  • accolade – honor, award, privilege awarded in praise
  • adulation – extreme or excessive praise or admiration
  • eulogy – a speech in high praise of someone or something (especially at a funeral)
  • rhapsodize – speak or write about someone enthusiastically in praise of him/her
  • rave – speak or write about someone enthusiastically in praise of him/her
  • encomium – a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly
  • kudos – praise and honor received for an achievement
  • panegyric – a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something
  • acclaim – praise enthusiastically and publicly (v); high praise (n)

Here’s a great rap by Josh Wagner to help you remember all these Praising words:

Click here to download the CPE Laud Rap by Josh Wagner

Lyrics to the rap:



Welcome everybody, take a seat, quiet down

Let us all be together and accept our crowns

This is a sight for all to see, someone make a eulogy

Because this is the time to praise everyone around


There’s a lot of different words I use to show admiration

If I want to be extreme I’ll scream my adulation

Can’t contain my insane brain I’ll extol everyone who came

I could bounce around the room like an animation


Your occupation doesn’t matter here

You’re praised for the way you steer

You’re life, because you brighten up the room

You’re the only source of light


I applaud the audience my claps echo for miles

It goes every direction, unlike Harry Styles


I applaud and I laud cuz your laudable, it’s audible

I hear people praise you like a book, remarkable

And if my plaudits are laudatory, I’ll step it up

I can rave and rhapsodize until the crowds had enough


Show your bright colors and never let them fade

Your brightness and kindness is why you have an accolade

This is my encomium, from my heart to your ears

I acclaim that you’re incredible, kudos and three cheers

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