Social Media in the College Admissions Game

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Facebook and Social Media expert, 14-year old Lane Sutton, 13-year old Izzy Epstein, and CPE’s Social Media Manager, Hilory Wagner, join Dr. Yo to discuss:


How admissions officers are evaluating student profiles

  • new Kaplan study finds 24% of college admissions officers checking Facebook
  • 20% have Googled students
  • can your postings affect your candidacy even AFTER you are accepted?


Facebook & Twitter

  • what colleges look for in potential students
  • their criteria on social networks
  • how colleges recruit candidates
  • how they engage with students.



Personal Branding for Teens & Common sense strategies

  • importance of thinking before you post and how it affects privacy and college admissions as well as job recruiting
  • cleaning up your act
  • best face forward, know your “brand”

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