End-of-Year Tips for Juniors

ATTENTION JUNIORS.  It’s that time on the academic calendar when most of the year’s grades are already in the books. March SAT scores just came in and this weekend marks the penultimate ACT exam of the year. Think there’s not much you can do between now and the end of the year to bolster your chances for college admissions? Think AGAIN!

  1. Grades Still Matter. The grades you earn between now and the end of the year are more important than those of any other time during the year, so muster that reserve energy and practice good study habits, and you will finish ahead of the pack. (See our blog, Finishing Strong.)
  2. Create Test Prep Time. Carve out as much time as possible for standardized test prep, including ACTs, SATs, A.P.s, and Subject Tests. There are still two opportunities for SATs and Subject Tests (May and June, see CPE Calendar), and one more opportunity for ACTs (June, see CPE Calendar). Check out ourClasses pages for dates of upcoming SAT and ACT classes designed for all three test administrations. You might also consider putting together your own study group with a few of your friends, available in-person in West Hartford and Glastonbury, as well as online!
  3. Set the Apps Aside… For Now. You will have plenty of time for your personal essays, interview preparation, resumes, extracurricular lists, and other components of your future applications over the summer and into early fall. Right now, put first things first, spending as much time as possible earning the best grades you can and studying for final exams and your last junior-year standardized tests. Once senior year kicks off, you can do nothing about your junior grades and scores. So prioritize!

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