The Secret to High Scores on the SAT & ACT Revisited

This time last year I posted a blog revealing The Secret Magic Formula for Cramming for SATs & ACTs. The normal prescription for standardized test prep for students at CollegePrepExpress involves 20-30 minutes per night, alternating practice tests and review. To cram in the week or month before a given exam, simply double up on the formula, as suggested in the heart  of last year’s blog:

The secret magic formula for standardized test cramming is simply this: Spend 30 minutes a day MEMORIZING material that’s covered on the exam and spend 20-30 minutes a day taking one practice section per night.  Each week of implementing this magic formula, of waving this magic wand, will net you approximately one full practice test and 3.5 hours of learning the material that’s covered on it.  Do this two or three weeks in a row and you will see dramatic improvement in your scores.  Do this two to three months in a row, and hello Harvard (or wherever else you have your heart set on going) :-). (Read the original post here.)

In order to help you stay on track, CollegePrepExpress has developed two tools, one for the SAT and one for ACT (yes, they’re different)—“Bi-Weekly Daily To-Do” checklists, pictured above, which you can download from this site.  It’s one thing to have the vague notion that you’re going to make a commitment to daily test prep, and quite another to hold yourself accountable by filling out these simple checklists each day. Use the tools.  They’re simple, straightforward, and effective. 🙂

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