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It’s easy to forget during spring standardized test crunch time—which would be, um, NOW—that the most important thing you can do to get into college is to earn the best grades you can in the most rigorous curriculum you can take. Here’s some good advice to remember down the stretch: Don’t forget.

Conventional wisdom is that the first impression we make is the most important, but when it comes to grades, our LAST impression is the most LASTing. Take it from a 20+ year classroom teacher: When teachers go to enter students’ final grades, what we most remember is your most recent work. We consider your final essay, your last test, your final projects, your last class presentation, and, of course, your final exams.

Now is no time to get the “whatevers” and slack off. Students who find a way to muster that extra energy— those reserves of concentration and good consistent study habits during the last leg of the 2009/10 academic race—will find themselves crossing the finish line ahead of the pack.

CollegePrepExpress, LLC, is here to help you do your best work in the final months of the school year. Let us help you get ready for your best test performance of the year, for your best grades on the last few essays, and for a rock-the-house job on your final exams. Sign up for some end-of-the-year tutoring sessionsinternet-based essay editing, and take advantage of our new line of instructional videos. Special promo for blog readers: click the Buy Now button at the bottom of this blog for $5 off (33% savings)!

Spring weather is rapidly approaching—to wit, the end-of-the-week forecast is for high 70s and sunny skies throughout New England. Although the weather may tempt you, keep your eye on the academic and college admissions prizes, knowing that summer vacation is right around the corner. Take advantage of those grey and rainy April days to focus on your studies before the sprint to summer!

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