Reducing Stress is Part of Our Mission 2

In my very first blog entry back in May, I discussed the importance of stress reduction for students and their families throughout the entire admissions process, and how CollegePrepExpress can help.  With each passing day we seem to be hearing more and more about the adverse effects of stress on general health, productivity, and, of course, peace of mind.

Not surprisingly, then, among the daily studies flooding this discourse on the evils of high stress are those suggesting a high correlation between stress reduction and academic success.  This is perhaps particularly true of high-stakes exams, like the SATs and ACTs, where stress and anxiety often significantly impair a student’s ability to show what s/he knows.  In the article referenced above, Michael Dugan notes, “It’s been proven in a government study that reducing stress can increase Math Scores by 35%, and improve Reading Scores by 14%. The dilemma has always been how can over-stressed, over-achieving students reduce their stress and get a good night’s sleep before critical tests like the SAT’s, ACT’s, and Finals.”

In addition to preparing students for such exams by reviewing the specific CONTENT covered and the STRATEGIES that maximize the efficacy of educated guessing, CollegePrepExpress believes in teaching students the importance of regular sleep (see the Harvard Gazette article at, as well as a variety of highly effective relaxation and stress reduction techniques. These include meditation practices, Heart Math (see, and the use of Biodots (see  Before each class, session, and at-home practice test, students are encouraged to implement one or more of these techniques to ingrain a relaxed, focused, and powerful ability to concentrate and achieve their best scores.

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The primary purpose of CollegePrepExpress, LLC is to help students get into their top secondary schools, colleges, and graduate schools and to reduce stress surrounding the entire admissions process.

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